Tilapia, Asparagus, and Red Onion Tacos

3 tilapia fillets, cooked in olive oil with coarse salt and pepper until broken up easily
8-10 stalks of asparagus, cut into four pieces and steamed lightly
2 Tblp finely diced red onion
1/2 of a lime
fresh spinach leaves
Jack cheese, grated
corn tortillas

Proportions are approximate. Cook the tilapia and transfer to a bowl. Put a little water in the pan and steam the asparagus. While the asparagus is steaming, add the red onion to the bowl and squeeze the juice of lime half over. Add the asparagus and toss gently. Warm corn tortillas and then line with fresh leaves of spinach; fill with the fish and asparagus mixture and top with a little grated cheese.

Variation: Omit the asparagus. After filling the tortillas, top with a bunch of chunky mango salsa and then cheese.


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